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Below you will find the booking calendar for Lakeside Venue at Pioneer located in Spartanburg, SC and serving the Upstate of South Carolina not far from Greenville, Asheville NC, Charlotte NC and all surrounding areas.

If a date is already booked you will find a “This Date is Booked” and the time frame event is booked. Dates are considered tentatively available until a deposit is made and contact signed. There are no date holds available due to the large demand and inquiries received. All pricing is subject to change until a contract is completed by all parties involved. As a reminder; our venue is the same venue you saw today and want to think about it, but we are also the venue someone saw yesterday and will book today.

Contact us today to schedule visit to the event venue and get date booked early.

Holiday rates may apply to the following holidays;
New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Valentines Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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